About Laundry Locals

Who We Are:

Laundry Locals is where people come to do their laundry in the most comfort and style in Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista, Westchester, El Segundo, Marina Del Rey, Culver City and West Los Angeles.  We specialize in premium, white-glove Wash & Fold catered to your needs.  We also offer DIY laundry in our brand-new facility with the newest and best equipment available.  Our goal is make your laundry experience feel great with no hassles so you can have your laundry done in seconds with easy pick-up and drop-off or in less than 1 hour using our high-speed washers and dryers! Our washers and dryers accept credit cards and coins.  We strive to be “Green” so we installed the most efficient, and advanced washers and dryers to sustain our environment for our children.  Have a great wash!

Why Choose Us:


We spared no expense installing top of the line equipment.  Speed Queen Quantum Gold washers and dryers are simply the best money can buy. You will see the difference in your clothes cleanliness and durability. Quick extraction speeds at maximum G-force means less faster, better drying and quick turnaround.


Our water is kept at a constant heat and is controlled by the most advance heating system you can buy.  This state of the art heating system ensures that water is constant and hot.  No home or apartment heating systems can provide the same level of hot water, nor would anyone want to pay the bill for it.


Laundry Locals boasts the perfect variety of washers and dryers, including  extra-large retail washers  capable of washing 60lbs. of laundry at once.  That can fit an entire household into one load.

Our Mission:

Provide our customers with the best laundry experience possible!

Why Laundry Locals

Wash & Fold

Premium Wash & Fold:  Try the Locals Wash featuring liquid detergent, liquid softener, and dryer sheets.  The Local Free and Clear is hypo-allergenic and features detergents free of dyes and scent.  Next day service is $1.25 per pound (minimum order required).  Our prices and service can’t be beat!

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Laundromat Service

We have the newest, cleanest and best laundry facility fully attended by our professional laundry experts.  Our 20lb., 40lb. and 60lb. washers and our 30lb. and 45lb. dryers all accept credit card payment.  Our Speed Queen equipment are the Rolls Royce’s of washing machines.

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Alkaline Water

Playa Del Rey’s  and Playa Vista’s best and most advanced alkaline water dispensary featuring a do-it-yourself kiosk available 24 hours a day 7 days per week.  Aqua 9+ uses a series of the finest-quality filtration systems to create alkaline water with the highest anti-oxidant potential at a fraction of the price of nearby water stores.

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free wifi at laundry locals laundromat playa del rey

Free Wi-Fi

Waiting for your laundry to get done could get a bit boring at times, that is why at Laundry Locals we would like to offer you our Free Wi-Fi service so that you can browse while you wait!

Hot Water

Our water is kept at a constant heat and is controlled by the most advance heaters.  This state of the art heating system ensures that water is constant and hot.

Laundry Locals Fast Laundry Service Marina Del Ray

Save Time

We know that your time is important. With our top of the line equipment you will get your laundry done in under an hour and be on your way!