Alkaline Water

Laundry Locals is now offering alkaline water refill kiosk at our location in Playa Del Rey. Our Aqua 9+ sustainable, self used, automatic machine allows you to choose your water and size. Its as simple as that!

Our Alkaline Water filtration and infused, highly absorbable ionic mineral system delivers pure ionic calcium, ionic magnesium, and ionic potassium alkaline drinking water that is great tasting and keeps our body properly hydrated and running at peak performance.

alkaline water refill station playa del rey marina del rey venice

Minerals comprise one of the five essential human-nutrient categories.  There are 116 mineral elements in the human body. Among these, calcium makes up about 83% of our body’s mineral content.  Because calcium is the highest mineral content in our body, we need to consume more calcium than any other mineral; that is why we made the calcium ion the number one mineral ingredient in our Alkaline Fresh drinking water.

Alkaline Water Refill Kiosk Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, Venice